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ICO’s, Initial Coin Offerings, are a means of crowdfunding centered around cryptocurrency, which is usually a source of capital for startup companies/projects. The Coins (or Tokens as they are sometimes called) become functional units of “currency” if/when the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project launches.

ICO’s are no doubt one of the riskiest investments when investing in cryptocurrencies.  Around 10% of all ICO’s in 2017 were either out right scams, or the projects never came to fruition.  Some ICO’s are nothing more then an outright scam to take investors money.  When investing in ICO’s DO YOUR RESEARCH.  At CryptoTalk.News, we research to the fullest extent of our ability when interviewing CEO’s and Project Mangers of the Initial Coin Offerings that we cover.

Below are a list of current, upcoming and past ICO’s. We are not going to rate these ICO’s because we do not give investment advice.


**Warning** Investing in ICO’s or any other Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Investment is risky. Do not invest more then you can lose.  Make sure that if something sparks your interest, you do a full investigation yourself.  This is not investment advice.


Do you have that next big Blockchain idea but do not know how to launch your ICO, or create your ERC20 Token? Maybe you’re looking for a platform to build your community and launch your ICO.  If you answered yes to any of these, then I suggest you take a look at CoinStarter.

CoinStarter is an ERC20 Token platform and community for launching ICO’s.  You have a direct link to the CoinStarter Community (which is amazing on Telegram I might add) to build up a following for your project.

CoinStarter is a HOT ICO, and is sure to disrupt the ICO industry in 2018.


By Steve Nelson Jr



BitGlare ICO

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